Know How To Be A Successful Trader In India

Trader's, There is a social thinking in India that, Stock Market is not made for Common People or Not Profitable for New Traders. I will tell you, Every New Trader will get success after reading this article about "How To Be A Successful Trader In India".

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Know What To Do Before Start Your Trade

Always stay far from Greed. There is one & only rule to take Profit & Exit.

Remember, No one can Survive in Market.. Who is not able to control self emotions.

Every Time, While entering in Trade.. Fix your Profit/Loss Ratio. If, You want 2% Profit Then It's Loss/Stop Loss must be same i.e. 2% only known as 1:1 Ratio.

Let's suppose that, You are going to take a Trade in SBIN. It's Current Market Price (CMP) is 279. Then, Target is 2% more i.e. 284.58 & Stop Loss also is of 2% i.e. 273.42Try to Trade in less Quantity.

Trader's Stop Loss is Very Important in every Trade.  This is a compulsory rule for every New Trader. Once, You will well set in market, You can change your winning ration as 1:2 or More also.

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Learn From Your Mistakes, How to Cover Your Losses.

Accept full responsibility of your Trade whatever will be the outcome, It will be yours Profit/Loss. Don't blame for Loss or Don't be so much excited in Profit.

learn from Your Loss & Think, What will be done in next Trade for Profit. Same strategy  will not work in every trade.

Learn, How to Use Trend Line, Pattern's, Break Out, Resistance & Support etc.

Personally, I prefer a Scalp Trading in which, I will take small trades & small Profits. I always use to minimize my Stop Loss. For a day, 4-5 Good Trades will give you a Good Profit.

For Scalping, I am using a platform which is so easy to handle The Trade. On Chart Screen, You will Buy/Sell in one click only & Trail SL on chart itself in FYERS.

How much Capital Require In Stock Market Trading

Before 1 Dec 2020, There was no particular rule for Brokers. Hence, Brokers was able to provide maximum Leverage on capital. Means, if you were ready to invest a capital of 10k in Brokers Trading Account.

Then, Due to high leverage of 10X, 15X & 20X.. There was chances of trading with high Margin.

Now, as per SEBI Guidelines.. No one Broker will not able to provide max leverage & Will have to follow SEBI Rules about Margin Facility.

As per SEBI guidelines, There are for phases of Margin Requirement by Trader. That phases are as follows..

Phase 1 : The Client Should Have 25% of The Peak Margin to Trade.

Phase 2 : The Client Should Have 50% of The Peak Margin to Trade.

Phase 3 : The Client Should Have 75% of The Peak Margin to Trade.

Phase 4 : The Client Should Have 100% of The Peak Margin to Trade.
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Important Points To Remember While Investing Your Money.

* Know Your Risk Taking Capacity & Learn Price Action Trading.
* Know to Fix Loss/Profit ratio 1:1 For New Traders.
* Don't Enter In Volatile Market If You Are New Trader.
* Leave Greed & Learn to Exit On Small Profit Not in Loss.
* Some Time You Will Face Big Loss in First Trade, Stop Trading That Time For The Day.
* Don't Try to Cover Losses in Same Day. Resulting, You Will  loose More.

This all information is only for giving Information & Knowledge about Stock Market Success.
I am Not a SEBI Registered.
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