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Learn Stock Market Trading in Trading View

Millions of people's are trying to work Smartly from home due to Corona Effect. So many people had lost their job's. Now, Time is so much hard to get good work & earn money for daily lives.

Here, Trading View is a platform where, You will learn "Stock Market Chart" very easily. As shown in below image, every trader will win daily fix profit by following my given tricks.
Trading View Chart

For an example :

A Trader Sold Out Bank Nifty 1 Lot i.e. 25 Shares @ 30525 Price & Buy It @ 30460. Where, Trader know the exact market direction that the trend will go down & Within 11 Minutes, Trader earned 65 Points. In Bank Nifty, One Point is equals to Rs.25/- per Up/Down.

So, Total profit earned by Trader is 65*25 = 1625/- Only.

Learn How To Start Stock Market Trading in Few Steps

1) Open An Trading Account :

 To open a "Trading Account" to trade online, You will need a well known Sub-Broker. Here, I will suggest some name who provides good service to trade online via Desktop, Tablet, Laptop & Smart Phone.

First preference to open your trading account is to Fyers.in (One Touch Trade Execution)

After finishing the process of account opening, You will have to credit funds in account.

2) Learn to Understand Basic Concepts of Stock Market

Always remember, For entering in tread of a particular stock. Understand the market trend that, Market is in which direction Up Side / Down Side / Volatile / Sideways.

Always follow the trend of market. If, You are new stop treading in volatile or sideways market.

3) Learn to Analyse The Different Charts in Trading View

There are so many Stocks, Index, Commodities, Future & Option, Currencies available to tread, But, Decide where you are interested means in which market you are comfortable to trade.

Like, I am very comfortable to trade in Bank Nifty. So, I always use to study about "Price Action" & Follow Trend of the Bank Nifty & Trade accordingly in "Future & Option" segment. 

4) Trading View offers Paper Trading For New Trader's

New Trader's always spend some time in paper trading in Trading View which help to boost your confidence level. Always, care about your own money.

Don't jump in trade unless until having sure knowledge about market strategy. Money management & Risk Management capacity always depends upon your mindset.

If, You are getting loss for one day stop trading for that day else, Due to mindset you will face huge loss. Always try to limit your risk taking capacity.

5) See YouTube Videos For More Clearance about Concepts of Stock Market

There is huge scope in learning about trading from YouTube also. You can follow  some of Experienced & Good productive trader's.

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